League Rules

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It is a condition of entry that every game shall be played as per the fixture list.

Any team failing to fulfil a fixture will be charged the FULL RINK FEES.

All players must be fully paid up members or bona-fide junior members of Erewash Indoor Bowls Club by 1st OCTOBER EACH YEAR. (Club rule 4).

The team captain is fully responsible for all administration and the validation of the team’s registration.


A member can only register as a player for ONE team in any one league.

The current registration fee per league entered must be paid.

There is no limit to the number of leagues that can be entered.

Registrations are not valid until Annual Subscriptions are paid (see above).

The deadline for registering a new league player is 28th FEBRUARY unless the express permission of the Club League Secretary is obtained (in consultation with the involved League Secretaries).

Players may transfer their registration from one team to another up to 14th OCTOBER, having not played for the team they are leaving. All new players and members joining league teams after 1st OCTOBER must pay the registration fee, record their names in the late registration book (kept behind the bar) and inform the appropriate league secretary asap.


Men’s Fours                                 - min 6 reg players

Ladies’ Fours                                - min 6 reg players

Open Triples                                - min 5 reg players

Mixed Fours                                 - min 6 reg players with at least 2 men/ 2 ladies

Spec Mixed Fours                         - min 6 registered players with at least 1 man and 1 lady

Thurs Club League                       - min 18 reg players and the club must be registered with a Bowls Assocn.


Except when playing short-handed, mixed leagues must play 2 ladies and 2 men.

Special Mixed Leagues must play at least ONE player of each sex at all times.

Open Leagues may play in any formation


Teams must attempt to find a substitute.  The availability list should be consulted.

A substitute in trips and fours may play in any position in the team except SKIP.

If no-one is available a team may play one player short in a Fours game & lose 25% of their shots.


The LEAD plays 2 bowls against opposing LEAD.

The SECOND player plays 2 bowls against opposing SECOND player.

The LEAD plays 1 bowl against opposing THIRD player’s 1st bowl.

The SECOND plays 1 bowl against opposing THIRD player’s 2nd bowl.

The end continues as normal.

NO other format is permitted.

If a registered player or a substitute arrives late, a team playing one short may WITHIN 30 MINS of the scheduled start of the game, allow that player to join the play, but one quarter of the shots scored by that team are deducted at that point. A substitute or late arrival may play in any position except skip.


A substitute must be a member bowler who is NOT registered for any team in either division of the league in which he/she is substitute.  All substitutes should register as such on the scorecard and in the late registration book behind the bar.

When a player has played TWICE for a team as substitute he/she must register with that team if required to play again.

Any team playing different substitutes on more than THREE occasions MUST register an additional player. Teams playing unregistered players (see rule 2) NOT nominated as substitutes on the scorecard and in the late entry book will be warned and if repeated shall have ONE league point automatically deducted for each subsequent offence.


Members wishing to join a league or willing to play as substitute may place their name on the availability board and may be used as per substitute rule.  Team captains should consult this list before any postponement is negotiated.


If a player becomes ill during a game and the game is unable to continue with the remaining players then the game will be resumed at a later date and be continued from the score and last completed end, at the time the player became ill.  If a player in a fours game becomes ill and is unable to resume, any further play will be to rule 5 including the deduction of 25% of the shots scored thereafter.  A legitimate substitute may take over to complete the game on the day.


A league match shall consist of 16 ends or 2 hours whichever is the shorter.

No trial ends, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

Failing to fulfil a fixture will lose the match by a margin of 5 shots to nil and the offending team will pay THE FULL FEES OF BOTH TEAMS FOR THE RINK.

Any ties in league position at the end of the season will be decided on the largest total of shot difference and then by the highest number of shots scored.

Whenever the jack is lost by default, the opposing skip shall, BY AGREEMENT of the opposing skip, place the jack in any chosen legal position (the mat may be re-positioned). Otherwise the jack shall be returned and be delivered by the opposing lead.

Matches must commence on time and finish after the sounding of the bell that occurs shortly before the completion of the 2 hours. If the mat has been correctly placed and the correctly delivered jack is in motion before the bell sounds then the end must be completed. A default jack shall be placed on the spot.

Before the game commences skips will be responsible for checking that the correct details are on the cards. They must indicate any use of a substitute or if playing a player short.

At the end of a game the scorecards should be compared and signed by the marker/captain and placed in the league box provided.

Visits to the head during the course of the game are NOT PERMITTED. Any player contravening this rule will not be allowed to play further bowls on that end.

Both 3's and skips must leave the head as soon as the appropriate bowl comes to rest. Excessive discussion causing delay in play at any time is not allowed. The head belongs to the team about to bowl.

Except for the above rules, all games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Indoor Bowls as adopted by the EIBA.

Any objections, appeals or complaints shall be made to the league secretary within 24 hours of the completion of the match and should be confirmed IN WRITING to the Club League Sec giving details within 3 days accompanied by the scorecards as necessary.

Dress for all play shall be white above the waist with grey below the waist.


Postponement is only allowed in exceptional circumstances when BOTH TEAMS accept the reason. No agreed postponements are allowed within 48 hours of the match date.

If two members of a team are available at least one substitute should be used to fulfil the fixture.

It is the responsibility of BOTH CAPTAINS to notify any rink cancellation to the Manager and ensure that the league secretary is fully informed of the reason for the postponement request.

All matches postponed under these circumstances will be re-arranged by the captains involved.  The captain agreeing the postponement request should, within 28 days of the original date, fix a firm date to play. The game to be played as soon as possible. The league sec. must be notified of these new arrangements and the original scorecards should be used.

To avoid club team postponements, games may be played with as few as NINE players (SIX club member players and THREE substitutes (ONE on each rink).  Rule 5 to apply.


Please keep games moving and try to complete 16 ends in 2 hours.

Leads should concentrate on placing the mat and bowling the jack correctly.

All players should remain static and well behind the mat or head whilst others are bowling

Wheelchairs on the rink are considered an integral part of the bowler (see EIBA rules).

RUNNING on the green is forbidden.


Any players representing the club in National comps shall be allowed to choose their preferred rink and request formally that a league match or club competition be moved on to a spare rink. This concession does not include forcing the postponement of a league match. Members wishing to take advantage of this concession must book the spare rink and agree the date with their opposition. They must then ensure that the relevant league secretary and the affected teams are informed of the member's intention at least SEVEN DAYS in advance of the date.


Contravention of any rule must be reported to the Club League Sec. and can result in the deduction of league points.


League Secs are your weekly contact with any query or problem.

All proposed postponements must be discussed with your league sec. After having consulted the availability list.



-  collect and record the results weekly

-  hand the score sheet summary to the club manager for collation and printing, having checked for   incomplete results and errors of presentation.

-  answer or refer any questions raised by teams with respect to the application of the rules

-  check the validity and numbers of players in teams, especially the valid registration of players and the playing of substitutes.

- authorise and record postponed matches, noting the date and reason and urge completion as above

-  report any observations or helpful comments on the running of the leagues


League rules revised 2009 and introduced 1st January 2010