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Entry forms for our Summer Comps are now out on the bar. Entry fee is £2 per person, per comp. Closing date Thurs 9th May.

3 comps to choose from: Open Singles, Handicap Singles & Drawn Pairs.





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Entries for our summer leagues are not coming in as well as we had hoped and several teams that played last summer have said they won't be entering this summer. Therefore if you are considering entering a team please get your entry sheet in as soon as possible so we can asses which leagues are going to be viable and start working on a summer program. If you are looking for additional players please refer to the "floaters list" pinned up in the club lobby, this has the names of several people looking to join a team.

We will switch to summer hours immediately after Easter. Also, Bev's Kitchen will be open 2 days a week this summer (for a trial period) serving snacks & lunches between 10.00am to 1.30pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays.



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We have vacancies for new teams in all our afternoon & evening leagues. Please ask at the bar/office for more details.

We also have several existing teams throughout the week that are looking for new/additional players for next winter, ask at the bar for details. Some teams in our Thurs Inter-club League are in particular need of more players, so if you do fancy a game on a Thursday evening please leave your name behind the bar or see Tom Cox (Beeston Combine) or Pauline Travers (Concordia) both of which urgently need a few more players.



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1st prize (£50) to Janet Martin with ticket No.75

2nd prize (£25) to John Thomas with ticket No. 121

We are now collecting subs for our 2019/20 draw season, so if you are interested in take part please pay Maureen your £12 asap.



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Its time to renew your 150 club subscription. Maureen Slack is out & about, so please have your money ready for next time you see her.

£75 in prize money is paid out each month (£50 1st prize & £25 2nd prize) for the cost of just £1 a month. 


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