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This months £50 winner is John Harrison, £25 2nd prize goes to Nikki Terrell.

Please note: this is the final draw for the 2019/20 season. Some of you will have already paid your £12 for the 2020/21 season, but given centre has been closed since mid-March it has been impossible to collect everyone's £12. Therefore we will hold off making any further draws until we can collect the rest of the money, hopefully in September.



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The predicted results for all unplayed winter league games have now been posted to this website & the end of season league placings can be viewed in the winter leagues section.

We have had to make one correction and that was to the Thurs morning league. Due to a typing error one of the predicted results was wrongly entered onto the system, when spotted and corrected it means Robins 2 drop down to 2nd place & Trojans move up to become Div Champions. Apologies for any inconvenience this mistake may have caused.

The Bowls Committee would again like to thank Harry Bowles for all his hard work in producing these figures.



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As its not going to be possible to finish our winter league program your Bowls Committee has agreed to try & estimate the results of all unplayed games. With the help of Harry Bowles, who has used a basic formula based on results from previous games, he has been through all this seasons results and come up with a predicted score for each unplayed game. These scores are slowly being loaded into our database & will soon be uploaded onto the club website for all to see.

These predicted results make little change to the final placings in most leagues/divisions, but there are some cases where teams have moved in/out of relegation/promotion positions.

There never was going to be a 100% prefect solution to finishing off this winters league program, but it is felt that this system of predicting results is the best and fairest of the options that were put forward.



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Feb winner Shirley Townsend £50, runner up Edna Barker £25.

Mar winner Edna Barker £50, runner up Janet Martin £25.


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