Competition Rules

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All Club Competitions are restricted to fully paid up members and bona-fide junior members of Erewash Indoor Bowling Club.
To enter the under 25’s Singles Competition the player must be under 25 as at the last date of entry as indicated on the entry form.
To enter the over 60’s Singles Competition the player must be over 60 as at the last date of entry as indicated on the entry form.
To enter the Novice Singles or Pairs Competition the player or players must not have previously won any Winter Erewash Indoor Bowling Club Competition.

Predominantly whites tops will be worn above the waist and greys below (including markers of singles matches). The finals will be in whites and will be played on a date prescribed by the Competition Secretary which will be in the Finals week as indicated on the entry form.

All play will be to National EIBA Rules except where indicated otherwise in these rules.

The first person in the draw shall be deemed the Challenger.
It is the challenger who decides which rink the match will be played on (subject to availability.)
Should it become necessary for the challenger to change the booked rink for any reason, the opposition must be notified of the change as soon as possible and at least 24 hours prior to the match being played.
As soon as the opposition for a round is known, it is the responsibility of both players to contact their opposition to arrange a mutually agreed date of play.
It is also the responsibility of both players to keep the Competition Secretary informed if any difficulty arises in agreeing a date of play. 
In the event of the match not being played the Competition Secretary will award the match to the player deemed to be least responsible for the game not being played.
In singles matches the challenger is expected to provide a marker but by agreement the opposition could provide the marker.

5. MATCH LENGTH – rounds previous to the semi finals and finals
There will be no trial ends in any of the competitions prior to the semi finals and finals. All players shall be present at the agreed starting time for that particular match.
A maximum of 15 minutes shall be allowed after the agreed starting time and if all players are not present at this time the guilty team shall forfeit the game.

Each game shall comprise the first to 21 shots or 2 hours duration which ever is the shorter.
Players may visit the head only once each end but this can be after any number of woods has been delivered.

Each game shall comprise 16 ends or 2 hours duration which ever is the shorter.
If the mat is correctly positioned and the jack in motion when the bell sounds, the end must be played.
In fours matches skips and threes may be at the head whilst leads and twos deliver their woods. Both threes and both skips respectively must be at the mat before either deliver a wood. No player is allowed to visit the head and any player contravening this rule will not be allowed to play further bowls on that end.

6. DRAWN MATCHES – rounds previous to the semi finals and finals
In the event of both sides having an equal number of shots when no further play is possible, the side winning the most number of ends will be the winner. In the event of both sides winning the same number of ends, the side that won the last end played will be deemed the winner.

Finals and Semi-finals matches of all competitions will be played according to National EIBA Rules including trial ends, and any extra ends needed to secure a result. New addition for 2016/17: For the playing of semi-final matches, the "home" team will have choice of rink, as in club league rule 12. This concession does not involve forcing the postponement of a league match and there must be a spare rink for the effected match to be moved on to. Members wishing to take advantage of this rule must book the spare rink and ensure the relevant League Sec & Team Captains are informed of the change at least 7 days in advance of the date.

The players playing in the first match shall constitute the entered team for that competition and should normally play together throughout it.
One additional (and the same) player may be used as a substitute at any time throughout the competition provided that player has not already played in that competition. The substitute may play in any position in a pairs competition but may not play skip in a triples or fours competition.
In the mixed fours competition one substitute of each sex may be used but neither shall be allowed to skip.

All queries and disputes shall be referred to the Competition Secretary whose decision will be final.
If the Competition Secretary deems it necessary, he will refer the matter to the Club Committee.
Any objections must be made in writing as soon as possible after the event.

All scorecards should include which competition the card is for and shall include the names of all players.
The cards must be signed by both parties and any substitutes must be noted.
Completed cards must be placed in the Competition Results box.
Conceded games can only be claimed by a signed scorecard.

No player shall practice on the rink selected for a match in which they are playing later in that day.

All players shall have consideration for both their competitors and bowlers on adjacent rinks at all times.
In this respect, players shall not follow their woods up the green any more than the three or four steps necessary to complete their delivery and in any case should be behind the mat when their wood comes to rest, assuring that his opponent has a full view of the head when the wood reaches it

Revised 16th October 2008, further amended Sept 2016.